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Located in Oakland, California, since 1988, Jay-Phares Corporation (“JPC”) is a real estate brokerage, property management, development, and consulting firm. Its geographic area of interest is the San Francisco Bay Area. JPC’s primary focus is on the rehabilitation and redevelopment of core urban properties, typically in communities with high percentages of minority population, and often with significant social problems. JPC’s property rehabilitation and redevelopment operations are augmented by a construction affiliate (California General Contractor, License No. 841307) and ownership in a licensed private patrol company, Premiere Protective Service (PPO# 16197).

The two principals in the firm have a combined total of over sixty years experience in commercial real estate and have in past capacities been involved in the development and management of approximately three hundred commercial and residential real estate projects. In addition, a facilities management group was created to administer maintenance for our managed properties. Our facilities management arm, headed up by Gabriel Ortega developed into a commercial and residential tenant improvement group. Mr. Ortega is the Senior Maintenance & Construction.


JPC has built retail stores and assembly halls, and we have renovated dilapidated housing, fire-damaged shopping centers and forsaken commercial properties.


JPC offers a complete range of commercial and multifamily residential property management services.


Premiere Protective Service, an affiliate of JPC, provides security service for commercial, retail and special events.

Our Latest Redevelopment Projects

JPC is one of the Bay Area’s foremost builders of urban retail centers having in recent years in Oakland and Vallejo completed over one half million square feet of redeveloped and new centers.

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