Revitalization of Foothill Square in East Oakland


Foothill Square is a 13.84 acre commercial mixed use complex located in the extreme southeast corner of Oakland two blocks north of the Oakland-San Leandro border.  The center is bound by Foothill Blvd., 108th Avenue, and MacArthur Blvd.  MacArthur Blvd. is the major commercial corridor in the vicinity of the site.  Foothill Blvd., adjacent the site, is two lane frontage road (70’ ROW) for the I-580 freeway.  108th Ave. is a two lane (50’ ROW) arterial serving both Foothill Square and the primarily residential properties across 108th Avenue from the center.

Foothill Square lies also directly adjacent I-580 in the southwest quadrant of its intersection with 106th Avenue.  An EB off ramp exits the freeway at the center’s northeast corner.  A westbound onramp is also less than five hundred (500) feet north of the center.  360º freeway access/ingress-egress is completed approximately 1/3 mile southeast of the site as the freeway EB entrance and WB exit extend to/from the two streets forming the site’s northeastern and southwestern boundaries (MacArthur Blvd. and Foothill Blvd)

History/Redevelopment Plan

First opening in 1961, Foothill Square originally contained a small Lucky Supermarket, Thrifty Drug Store, Roos Atkins Clothing Store, S.S. Kresge (K-Mart’s original name), and Bank of America.  As demographic changes radically transformed the surrounding residential neighborhoods, all these businesses left the Square.  From 1990 to early 2012 the center operated with an eclectic mix of small retail, personal service, cultural and recreational uses.

Commencing mid – 2012, the center was redeveloped by Jay-Phares into a contemporary 200,000 s.f. commercial mixed use center.  61,800 s.f. of original buildings were demolished.  Over 1,200 l.f. of new facades were transformed on the approximately 100,000 s.f. of original buildings to remain after redevelopment and 100,000 s.f. of new buildings constructed.  Today, the center is home to a 72,000 s.f. FoodsCo (Kroger) Supermarket, 24,000 s.f. Ross Dress For Less, Anna’s Linens, Rainbow Apparel, Wells Fargo Bank, Davita Dialysis Center, Lifelong Medical Clinic, and soon a McDonald’s restaurant.  In addition to these major corporate tenants, fifteen other retail, personal service and recreation tenants operate in the center.

Jay-Phares is proud to note the $45 M project is the largest retail development constructed in Oakland since 1969.  The images of the project’s progress and moments of celebration illustrate the transformative quality of JPC’s work.

Click here to download the Foothill Square Plans and Demographics Report